iPhones, androids, and countless other mobile devices are helping us to push the envelope of photography, videography, music and many other forms of media. I created this page to share with you my journey of taking the limits of my cellphone and pushing them and stretching them as far as I can. Last year I received an iPhone 5s and couldn’t believe the quality video and photo I as getting. I thought Steven Spielberg would have made incredible things with this technology if he had it when he was young so I thought I should see what I had in me. As a songwriter and producer I began seeing the parallels between the different mediums and so I decided to film a music video. The results were incredible and so I decided to film another. The first music video took place in winter Montauk to New York, the next would be Spring throughout the United States. This blog will chronicle my journey’s so if you have questions, are looking for inspiration, or just curious then please check out my work and let me know what you think!